Alice in Abortionland

Alice sits down at the tea table with a rabbit, a mouse and a strange looking man in a top hat with a label on it saying: Mad Hatter Abortionist. “Do you believe in choice?” he asks her. “Of course I believe in choice!”, Alice replies. “But do you believe in the right kind of […]

Unborn Children to have their feelings protected by law in the Queen’s Speech

Unborn children may have their right to feel pain made law by the Animal Sentience Bill included in this week’s Queen’s Speech. Prolifers often claim that terminating a pregnancy causes pain to the foetus. The government’s bill will enshrine foetus’ right to feel pain in law, along with other animals who possess a spinal cord. […]

Speech Isn’t Free, If It Costs Safe Spaces

The British Abortion Advisory Service (BAAS) have decried the government’s plan to introduce a new free speech czar for universities, after anti-abortionist group, the Alliance of Pro-Life Students (pictured above), claimed that over 71.9% of pro-life students have faced situations in lectures or seminars where they felt they could not air their views. A spokesman for […]