LETTER OF THE WEEK: Moronic Pro-Lifers Ignore 125,000 Babies Safely Killed

Dear Editor. Re: 28 September 2022: International Safe Abortion Day or ‘International Oxymoron Day’? It has taken much effort, time and money to convince whole populations to consent to the brutal killing of their pre-born children in the name of Health and Safety and it is right that we should celebrate. Pro-Lifers should get with […]

HIPPO! HIPPO! HOORAY!Legal personhood for hippos thwarts planned parenthood scheme

Apparently, Hippos in Columbia are breeding like rabbits. However, thanks to US lawyers the Hippopotamus now has more legal rights than pre-born babies. Hippos have been granted legal personhood and as a result a planned parenthood program for Hippopotami has been thwarted. This is not good news for us abortionists. Now that hippos have been […]