Does Michigan Man Have The Right Idea?

74-year-old Richard Harvey of Lake Odessa (Michigan, USA) shot 84-year-old Pro-Lifer zealot, Joan Jacobson, in the shoulder while she was campaigning door to door against an abortion rights proposal. We at The Abortionist are appalled at Mr Harvey. Does he not know that the abortionist’s aim is to kill not to merely wound. Mr Harvey […]

Wobbly Welby Found Wanting At March For Life

Pro-Lifers gathered in their thousands for the annual March For Life last Saturday.  Despite visiting speakers from as far afield as the abortion free state of Texas; it was the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who drew the attention of the world’s media. Welby’s painted on smile and regal hand waving posture proved irresistible to […]


Poor old Herod aka Brandon Lewis, he has really got his knickers in a twist. He is damned if he doesn’t roll out abortion services province-wide in Northern Ireland as feminist groups and Mr Justice Colton snap at his heels and damned if he does as Stormont is resisting the implementation of the slaughter of […]


Starring Yoshihide Suga, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Mario Draghi and Joe Biden. Gee whizz, the Magnificent G 7 ride again to liberate oppressed people; “to build back better” and make the world “fairer, greener and more prosperous” and to implement the demands of women’s rights advocacy groups engaged with the Gee […]

Marie Stopes’ Complaint to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service Aborts Dr Life’s Baby Project

The double-minded women who have been procuring off-licence progesterone from ‘Dr Life’ (aka Dr Dermot Kearney), the abortion reversalist, should know that abortion is healthcare not fashionwear.  You don’t just change your mind.  So congratulations to MSI Reproductive Choices (formerly Marie Stopes) for stopping Dr Life from continuing to prescribe progesterone to counteract the effects […]