Laughing Policeman Could Face Discipline Over Cisman Banner

A police sergeant seen laughing, as a small group of pro-abortion activists gathered in Parliament Square, may face disciplinary action according to an unnamed source. A police officer, Sergeant Cannon-Holmes (pictured above), was seen laughing as a few dozen abortionists gathered in a failed attempt to disrupt a rally of thousands of Pro-Lifers who had […]

Miss Opal Prostol’s Abortionist Diary: Saturday, 3rd September 2022

Yes! It’s that time of the year again when the self-righteous pro-clumps of cells go on the march. Remember the old nursery rhyme: The grand old March for LifeThey have 10,000 bigotsThey marched them up to ParliamentAnd they marched them down again. I was there on Saturday mixing with a small crowd of pro-cell clumps […]

Welby to join March for Life UK for very first time

Pro-life Britons are delighted to hear that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby will be attending the March for Life in London tomorrow for the first time ever! Yes, the highest ranking Bishop in the Church of England is breaking from his track record of silence and inactivity on the genocide of unborn children by […]


How could we let this happen?! Whatever happened to good old British reserve. Thousands of former foetuses took to the streets of central London (England) for the UK’s copy cat ‘March for Life’. Why have we allowed this American import onto British soil. If we tolerate this, the British pro-lifers will be importing Texas SB8 […]