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No sex please, we’re abortionists!

‘So it’s true! The women of America have finally twigged that sex can lead to pregnancy. In the wake of this astonishing discovery they have decided to go on a sex strike unless their men have vasectomies. ‘Right on gals, hit them where it hurts!‘

Where’s Welby Campaign Launched In Canterbury

At a time when the nation is looking for leadership with honesty, openness and integrity; we at TheAbortionist.com are looking for the same in the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. As Anglican Bishops, from across the globe, gather in Canterbury for the 2022 Lambeth Conference, the Where’s Welby Campaign, complete with website, Ad bikes and […]

Where’s Welby? products COMING SOON!

Thank you for your interest in the Where’s Welby? campaign and, in particular, your interest in downloading the Where’s Welby? Guide Book and/or ordering a copy of the Where’s Welby? picture. The Where’s Welby? Guide Book and the Where’s Welby? picture will be available soon. For notification of availability, please email orders@wheresWelby.com.


What’s all the fuss about “The world’s smallest known baby”, Kwek Yu Xuan? Anyone would think that we had never seen a 24 weeks and six days, 212 grams (7.5 ounces) gestation baby before. We abortionists see babies this size every day. They are dead of course – torn limb from limb with a sophie […]