Miss Opal Prostol’s Abortionist Diary: Saturday, 3rd September 2022

Yes! It’s that time of the year again when the self-righteous pro-clumps of cells go on the march. Remember the old nursery rhyme: The grand old March for LifeThey have 10,000 bigotsThey marched them up to ParliamentAnd they marched them down again. I was there on Saturday mixing with a small crowd of pro-cell clumps […]


Dear Editor, Abortionists in Texas should hang their heads in shame. How on earth did Yalancia Rosario manage to slip eight pregnancy passed you. I thought Planned Parenthood had all the Black and Hispanic areas of Dallas covered. Admittedly, Mrs Rosario is “drop dead gorgeous” (nobody should look that good after giving birth eight times) […]


Dear Editor As a byproduct of coitus, aborted babies often end up in the trash can or in the sewer. Might I suggest that Local Authorities provide special bins in their areas for this particular type of detritus, please? Better still, they could help the energy crisis by harnessing the electrical cardiac activity or ‘electrical […]

The Most Human Human

Winning cartoon of the 2021 The Abortionist Best Satirical Cartoon competition, drawn by Huw Adamson.

Huw’s A Winner!Cartoon Competition extended to 16 July 2021 in order to find runners up.

Huw Adamson, a committed Christian and a fine art student, in his final year at Lancaster University, has won The Abortionist Best Satirical Cartoon competition. As a student Huw explores theological and philosophical themes within art. However, he also enjoys producing less serious work and the occasional cartoon in his spare time. The judges really […]

Abortionist Idioms For Such A Time As This

Dear Editor, With all the excitement and enthusiasm over DIY home abortions, I thought of these new on – trend idioms for such a time as this: Home is where your abortion isAn Englishman’s home is his abortuaryHome sweet abortionTo be abortion homesickTo home in on your abortionNo there’s no place like home for an […]

Letter to the Editor: Buffer Zones

‘Hi, all you gorgeous people, Isn’t it disgusting what those vile, unhinged, so called pro-lifers are doing outside our brilliant abortion clinics? They are praying , for heaven’s sake!!! Whatever next ? I ask you??How can this be allowed in the 21st century? I ask you? It’s a disgrace! I mean, really, what has the […]