Dial M For Murder

Remember the old Hitchcock film ‘Dial M for Murder’?  Well now Jacinta Adern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, has just directed a remake called ’Dial F for Feticide and G for Gendercide’. It is the story of a new scheme called ‘Decide’ whereby women can dial a number and abortion pills are then delivered to their […]

Traditional Values Hungarian Folk Song Duet

Oh Doctor I’m in trouble.I want you to kill my child.But every time an ultra sound is put on meThe baby’s heart goesBoomboody, boombooody, boomboody, boomboody, boom!boom!boom!Well goodness gracious me! It’s only an electrical impulse.No need to worry. Open your legs.Here goes. It’s over now. Have a listenGoodness gracious Doctor!Just an electric impulse goingBoomboody, boombooody, […]


Eeny meeny miny moe Catch a twin by the toe O U T spells out And out you must GO! My ultrasound told me So I continued boldly To pick the very best one And that one was YOU! So sang the doctor as he injected the least bad twin with potassium chloride into the […]


There was at least one abortion that Texas SB8 could not stop. The pro-Life group Texas Right to Life website, www.prolifewhistleblower.com has been aborted – TERMINATED. Web hosting giant GoDaddy exercised its right to choose NOT to host the pro-lifers’ obnoxious web site, which was set up to collect anonymous tip-offs of those compassionate right-minded […]


What’s all the fuss about “The world’s smallest known baby”, Kwek Yu Xuan? Anyone would think that we had never seen a 24 weeks and six days, 212 grams (7.5 ounces) gestation baby before. We abortionists see babies this size every day. They are dead of course – torn limb from limb with a sophie […]

Call To Ban Artificial Wombs

Leading leading actresses and fashion models have been rejoicing at last week’s news that Isreali scientists have succesfully created artificial wombs for mice and (possibly) men (humans – as opposed to the male of the species). One leading model said, “I’ve always known that I am “too posh to push”, but to now be able […]