LETTER OF THE WEEK: Moronic Pro-Lifers Ignore 125,000 Babies Safely Killed

Dear Editor. Re: 28 September 2022: International Safe Abortion Day or ‘International Oxymoron Day’? It has taken much effort, time and money to convince whole populations to consent to the brutal killing of their pre-born children in the name of Health and Safety and it is right that we should celebrate. Pro-Lifers should get with […]


Dear Editor, As a child I loved watching the Lone Ranger.  If someone was lying, Tonto would say, ‘He speaks with forked tongue.’  I have seen how effective this is in lying to the public.  I heartily recommend it as a tool for hoodwinking the public. The abortion industry call themselves’ pro choice’ but deny […]

LETTER OF THE WEEK:Overturning Roe v Wade Upsets BMJ

Dear Editor, I am absolutely disgusted by the pusillanimous attitude of the British Government towards killing babies. I completely agree with the BMJ’s policy makers, Singh and Sedgh, that the “US [Supreme Court: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization] decision must not derail international trend towards liberalisation of abortion law.” We must, I repeat MUST […]

Where’s Welby Campaign Launched In Canterbury

At a time when the nation is looking for leadership with honesty, openness and integrity; we at TheAbortionist.com are looking for the same in the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. As Anglican Bishops, from across the globe, gather in Canterbury for the 2022 Lambeth Conference, the Where’s Welby Campaign, complete with website, Ad bikes and […]

Where’s Welby? products COMING SOON!

Thank you for your interest in the Where’s Welby? campaign and, in particular, your interest in downloading the Where’s Welby? Guide Book and/or ordering a copy of the Where’s Welby? picture. The Where’s Welby? Guide Book and the Where’s Welby? picture will be available soon. For notification of availability, please email orders@wheresWelby.com.


Dear Editor, I am soooo confused. No one will define a woman, but abortion is about “women’s” rights! Sincerely yours, Norma L, Mann


Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, what is his stand on abortion? We have a right to know “WHERE’S WELBY?”