Traditional Values Hungarian Folk Song Duet

Oh Doctor I’m in trouble.I want you to kill my child.But every time an ultra sound is put on meThe baby’s heart goesBoomboody, boombooody, boomboody, boomboody, boom!boom!boom!Well goodness gracious me! It’s only an electrical impulse.No need to worry. Open your legs.Here goes. It’s over now. Have a listenGoodness gracious Doctor!Just an electric impulse goingBoomboody, boombooody, […]


Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, what is his stand on abortion? We have a right to know “WHERE’S WELBY?”


Eeny meeny miny moe Catch a twin by the toe O U T spells out And out you must GO! My ultrasound told me So I continued boldly To pick the very best one And that one was YOU! So sang the doctor as he injected the least bad twin with potassium chloride into the […]

ABORTION STORIES FOR CHILDREN:The latest revolution in book publishing.

Let’s make abortion stories fun for children and normalise abortion at the same time. Maybe a Baby by Shawna Murphy is a brilliant story based on Shawna’s experience of telling her daughter about an abortion she had had and why. I am so excited by this idea and here at The Abortionist, we have come […]

Abortion: The BIGGER Picture

In order to save the world, it is really important that everyone is aborted before, during and after their lifetime. The Westminster government is working on this. All lives can be lived virtually online as we have recently discovered. All animals who poo and fart must be terminated to ensure clean air for any molluscs […]

The Abortionist To Launch App Store

App. 1Dating App for Chinese and Indian men..Due to abortion and infanticide these countries are 71 million women short. Those women have been truly liberated⭐️⭐️⭐️ App. 2Mental Health App.If you are one of the deluded women who think your mental health has been affected by abortion, this is the ultimate re-education programme.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ App. 3The Ultimate […]

What Are The Celebrity Abortionista Fashionistas Wearing Now?

AMELIA BOWOW’S SPRING COLLECTION: New from Pirhana: Blood Red Latex Gloves £1000 – An absolute must! Pair them with super sexy Bunter Welly Boots in Cochineal , a steal at £10,000 – Good for negotiating sticky, wet floors at work.Create a sensation at the abortuary in Goochi, Goochi Goo’s off- white nylon/linen mix Culottes with […]

SPRING IS HERE! All is well with belly laughs and Bluebells

Spring is here and along with daffodils and bluebells; primroses and the twittering birds; you can hear Amelia Bowwow or ‘mad dog’, as she is affectionately known to her friends over here, barking her trope “Abortion is hilarious!”. Amelia Bownow (pictured above) is draped in her signature gown with ♥ABORTION written all over it, like […]