Archbishop Gets Lambeth Fudge For Christmas

We have sent the Archbishop of Canterbury and all his Church of England Diocesan Bishops the sweetest Christmas present we could think of – Lambeth Fudge. It is sardonically satirical and delightfully satisfying; unlike the other version. The following greeting was sent with the gift: Dear Bishop, I wish you a Blessed Christmas and a […]

LETTER OF THE WEEK: Moronic Pro-Lifers Ignore 125,000 Babies Safely Killed

Dear Editor. Re: 28 September 2022: International Safe Abortion Day or ‘International Oxymoron Day’? It has taken much effort, time and money to convince whole populations to consent to the brutal killing of their pre-born children in the name of Health and Safety and it is right that we should celebrate. Pro-Lifers should get with […]

Let’s Make Pro-Life Husbands Face ‘Marital Rape‘ Charges in India

Don’t you just love India’s Supreme Court?!  Not only has the Supreme Court of India extended abortion rights to all women, declaring abortion  a fundamental right; they have also said that a married woman’s forceful pregnancy can be considered “marital rape”.  Hooray for the Indians!  Now let those cowboys in Texas get with the Pro-Choice […]

YOU WOULDN’T KNOW SHE’S AN ABORTIONIST AND RACIST ‘Kwasi Kwarteng, superficially he is a black man. If you hear him on the Today programme, you wouldn’t know he is black.’ Rupa Huq MP

Comrade Huq has been called an abortionist for her heroic campaign for up to 2 years jail time for Rosary wielding Christians who pray, within exclusion zones outside abortion clinics, for women seeking life ending health care. Now Rupa Huq has been called a racist. Abortion and racism have long gone hand in surgical glove. […]

Laughing Policeman Could Face Discipline Over Cisman Banner

A police sergeant seen laughing, as a small group of pro-abortion activists gathered in Parliament Square, may face disciplinary action according to an unnamed source. A police officer, Sergeant Cannon-Holmes (pictured above), was seen laughing as a few dozen abortionists gathered in a failed attempt to disrupt a rally of thousands of Pro-Lifers who had […]

Welby to join March for Life UK for very first time

Pro-life Britons are delighted to hear that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby will be attending the March for Life in London tomorrow for the first time ever! Yes, the highest ranking Bishop in the Church of England is breaking from his track record of silence and inactivity on the genocide of unborn children by […]

Where’s Welby Campaign Launched In Canterbury

At a time when the nation is looking for leadership with honesty, openness and integrity; we at are looking for the same in the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. As Anglican Bishops, from across the globe, gather in Canterbury for the 2022 Lambeth Conference, the Where’s Welby Campaign, complete with website, Ad bikes and […]

ROE v WADE:ICA Call For Urgent Prayer

Archbishop Angela De’ath of the International Church of Abortion (ICA) has made an urgent appeal to abortionists throughout the world to pray against the US Supreme Court. Archbishop De’ath called for the faithful to be, “On your knees everyone and pray that the Supreme Court in the US gets aborted!”