Creasy Will Take Our Breath Away!

Thanks to one of our most inspiring vicars, Stella Creasy, the U.K. is well on its way to banning breathing and nose picking outside abortion clinics. Other people breathing near or by women accessing abortion can be extremely upsetting and nose picking is just plain disgusting.   Fortunately, in the midst of war, plague and […]

YOU WOULDN’T KNOW SHE’S AN ABORTIONIST AND RACIST ‘Kwasi Kwarteng, superficially he is a black man. If you hear him on the Today programme, you wouldn’t know he is black.’ Rupa Huq MP

Comrade Huq has been called an abortionist for her heroic campaign for up to 2 years jail time for Rosary wielding Christians who pray, within exclusion zones outside abortion clinics, for women seeking life ending health care. Now Rupa Huq has been called a racist. Abortion and racism have long gone hand in surgical glove. […]

Bournemouth Echo Chamber Plan Agreed By Council

Plans recently agreed by the BCP Council show blueprints to construct a huge chamber on the back of the Bournemouth Echo office on Richmond Hill. “We are incredibly excited about this development”, said a spokesperson for the local paper “The Bournemouth echo chamber will be used exclusively by all our staff to to push, ferment […]

Welby to join March for Life UK for very first time

Pro-life Britons are delighted to hear that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby will be attending the March for Life in London tomorrow for the first time ever! Yes, the highest ranking Bishop in the Church of England is breaking from his track record of silence and inactivity on the genocide of unborn children by […]

Wizardary Suspected in Kansas

Pregnant Kansan women residing throughout the US have been resorting to wizardary to return home to Kansas for access to abortions following the striking of down of a proposed constitutional amendment (2 August) that would have restricted abortion in the state and a subsequent re-count that re-affirmed the original vote. Women as far afield as […]

ROE v WADE:ICA Call For Urgent Prayer

Archbishop Angela De’ath of the International Church of Abortion (ICA) has made an urgent appeal to abortionists throughout the world to pray against the US Supreme Court. Archbishop De’ath called for the faithful to be, “On your knees everyone and pray that the Supreme Court in the US gets aborted!”


Airline tickets from Texas to the Republic of Benin are selling like hot cakes after news that the tiny West African nation’s parliament voted, on Wednesday (20 October 2021), to legalise abortion in most circumstances. “It like a gold rush.” said one Dallas abortionist before boarding a connecting flight to JFK. Another added “I’ve packed […]

WHAT A CROCK!Pelosi’s visit fails to convince the Pope

Pope Francis has made a clear statement on abortion in the wake of a vist from Nancy Pelosi last weekend (Saturday, 9 October). Apparently His Holiness was not particularly bowled over by our Nancy’s views on abortion. Yesterday (Thursday, 14 October) Pope Francis encouraged a group of medical professionals at the Vatican to keep working […]

WE GOT HIM!Texas Governor Is Reported To Pro-Life Whistleblower Site

More controversy has hit the Texas Governor’s mansion, as it has been confirmed that Governor Greg Abbott has been reported to the website for violating the Texas Abortion Heartbeat Law. Lawyers for the Governor have described the allegation that the Governor’s butt stinks as “totally baseless” and stated that the Governor will fight the […]


Abortionists in Texas heroically rose to the olympian challenge posed by the introduction of the new pro-life Texas Heart Beat Law. At one abortuary, they asked themselves, “Can we kill 67 babies in the 17 hours before the Heart Beat Law comes into effect?” Quoting abortionist President Obama, “YES WE CAN!” was the cry and […]